We take privacy seriously at Petosoft. We will not needlessly record information that should be private and we will not keep any personally identifying information without warning you first. The only app that currently records any such information is Friend Locator, where it is used solely for the purposes of setting up an account and finding each other as friends. Email addresses are recorded for this purpose plus for use in serious emergencies to notify customers of problems. They will not be used for marketting or spam and will never be passed on to anyone else. If you have any concerns on this, please email me and I'll make sure to deal with it seriously and appropriately. Carl (email is

Friend Locator:

This app uses data in the following way. If you sign up using a Facebook account, your name as displayed in Facebook will be used as your name in Friend Locator. Also a list of your friends will be accessed, together with their displayed account names and facebook ids. This is so you can find each other using Friend Locator. The data is copied from facebook and stored on our secure servers. If you wish to delete your account and all the data we hold about you, please email and we will action your demand as soon as we can (in normal circumstances, within a few business days).

Flurry : We use Flurry to anonymously track how users are using the products, solely for the purpose of making them more effective. If you wish to know more and/or to opt out of this, please go to the Flurry website privacy policy.: Flurry Privacy Policy